Nursery - 5th Grade

Welcome to Fellowship Kids!

All children, birth to 5th grade, have a place in Fellowship Kids. We believe children are a precious gift from God, and are blessed with each child entrusted to our care. We support families by offering learning opportunities to develop a personal relationship with Christ in a positive, joyful, and nurturing atmosphere. It’s our desire to see our children connect to God, their families, and the community.

What to Expect

Are my children loved and safe?

Yes! Our desire is to create an environment where your children will learn about Jesus, have fun, and be protected. We make sure that our Fellowship Kids Team consists of loving, caring people who are committed to sharing with our children the love of God and the truths of Scripture. All of our teachers are required to be Christians who have passed a background check.

When you arrive

You will want to check your child(ren) in with our Fellowship Kids Team at the table in the lobby before the worship gathering begins. If it’s your first visit, please note this initial check-in will take about 5 minutes so you will want to allow a little extra time for this.

Is there a nursery?

Our family room is located in the back of the sanctuary and is available for newborns – 2 years of age. If you are wanting our team to care for your child during the worship gathering, you will need to check your child in with our Fellowship Kids Team at the table in the lobby beforehand.

If you are wanting to keep your child with you during the worship gathering you do not need to check-in. Please know that the changing table in the nursery is still available for your use. You are also welcome to use the nursery should your child get a little fussy and you need to step out, or if you’re needing to feed your little one.

When do my kids go to Kids Church?

All kids will stay with their family for the music portion of our worship gathering at 10:30am. A dismissal video will play right before the sermon to let kids know to meet up with our Fellowship Kids team members at the back of the sanctuary. They will then walk as a group to Kids Church.

If you are needed

Fellowship Kids uses text notifications to contact you during the worship gathering if your child needs your attention. By providing your mobile number upon check-in, we’ll have the necessary information to notify you.

Parent/Guardian pick-up

Your child will receive a name tag that includes their unique security number. You will also receive a parent tag with this same number. For safety reasons, no one is allowed to pick up your child without the parent tag you receive, so make sure you hang onto it.

Kids Church

Fellowship Kids uses a Bible-based curriculum from Pursue God Kids. The curriculum has both in-church and at-home features so children and their families can work together in discipleship throughout their week.

Click on the button below to be directed to our dedicated Pursue God Kids page and see what we're working on each week. Under the "For Families" tab you'll find the lesson video, overview, memory verse, and discussion questions so that you can engage together as a family.


Sometimes parents, grandparents, and guardians need access to resources that will help them disciple their children effectively. Sometimes you need help in your own growth, knowledge, and understanding. Below are a few great resources that we hope you'll find helpful.

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